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Kuhne News -Nuova linea di coestrusione PET

Neither KUHNE Group, nor YouTube are new in excellent machinery or new media content. From here on out, they are combined, though. You can find our YouTube channel under @kuhnegmbh1271 completely free of charge or passwords and accessible for everyone. We present videos of complete lines with various technical approaches, from thin to thick, thermoforming to sheet or even Geomembranes. We are proud to also present an increasing number of KUHNE – customer films, where our lines are shown at our customers’ factories in action. Short clips from our triple bubble and cool bubble technology are also on our channel. Currently 35 videos are available and we keep the number rising in order for our customers to get a glance at our technology and know-how – without spilling all the secrets, of course! Come and have a look.

NEW Turnkey PET co-extrusion line available at KUHNE

Where others have to wait 12 months or more for a new turnkey extrusion line, KUHNE customers can reach their goal much faster. KUHNE Smart Sheets is presenting and offering a new, sophisticated co-extrusion PET line for the processing of PET and PCR blends. The machine is equipped with two single screw extruders achieving a total capacity of 1.000 Kg/h. The possible sheet widths are quite flexible due to a two-web friction frame winding unit, with a maximum net width of 1.200mm. The thickness range is also huge, starting from 150my and going up to 2mm. This is possible because of a set of 4 deckle blades available with the die. This KUHNE die is automatically adjusted with thermos-bolts and a thickness measurement with auto gap control loop. As with the extruders and the bolt feed block, the horizontal and hydraulic roll stack are also KUHNE in- house-made. A silicone unit for one or even both sides of the sheet is integrated as well as the related drying system, which guarantees a line speed of up to 90m/min even with silicone application. And ‘turn- key’ at KUHNE does really mean ‘turn- key’ – a complete feeding and gravimetric system is included, the material is treated beforehand with the newest IRD system that ensures FDA & EFSA approval of the process for our customers. A cutting mill with cyclone and a KEC (KUHNE Extrusion Control) system for timer, recipes and trends complete the line. The machine has all important features for the production of high end PET sheet, but can also easily produce PP and/or PS. KUHNE is offering this line for an absolute competitive price – not even considering the huge advantage of the line being ready for shipment within just a couple of weeks. Outperforming on- site services will be provided with the line to ensure the integration into existing productions is smooth. You can watch this line on our KUHNE YouTube channel or come and visit us in Germany to have an in person meeting and a closer look.

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